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Legal notice

Messagenes will never use your data for commercial purposes. Still, in accordance with our general conditions, we'd like to explain some important points about our effort to guarantee the protection of your data.

For you to be able to use Messagenes, we need some information about you that is asked at the moment of registry (for example, an email address) and that will be used and kept solely in order to be able to provide our intelligence platform services.

Also, Messagenes enables you to share information collaboratively. If you do it in a Newsroom with Content Control, the person or organization that created it will be the owner of the content you contribute (the administrator will be able to keep, edit, eliminate and use it according to the purpose of the Newsroom). However, if you participate in a Newsroom without Content Control, you will be the owner of the information that you contribute (only you will be able to keep, edit or eliminate it), but you grant the administrator a right to use it according to the purpose of the Newsroom. You will also be able to post on a StoryCard that is not linked to any Newsroom, in which case you reserve all rights for yourself.

Even though Messagenes is not responsible for the content that its users decide to post freely on a StoryCard and in a Newsroom, we ask you to be prudent when sharing texts and images, in particular when they could affect sensible issues, such as for example content related to children, health, intimacy, sexual preferences, ideology, etc.

In any case, if you would like to exercise your legal rights with respect to your personal data (portability, limits of it use, access, rectification, information, the right to be forgotten, etc.) (in Spain under RGPD 2016/679) you can contact us at the following address:


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